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Especially in recent years, and especially because of the global financial crisis, Many Italians moved abroad to try to stabilise themselves by finding a new job, many others started new businesses or relocated those they already owned in order to reduce the tax burden and monetise more.

One of the biggest problems most of them have, however, is obtaining products that are sold in Italy and can hardly be found abroad. 

Especially in the category groceries and drugs, the difficulties of our compatriots, are the order of the day.

For this reason, is, through its portal, at the side of all Italians who are expatriates con le categorie: 

Health and Wellness, Cosmetics and Beauty, Supplements and Sports, Children and Childhood, Veterinary and Animals. 

However, as some people know, Italy implemented European Directive 62/2011 last March to enable the online sale of SOP and OTC medicines, i.e. self-medication and non-prescription medicines, throughout the country. Not everyone will be able to ship drugs online, only authorised pharmacies and para-pharmacies will be allowed to do so, but it is worth remembering that online pharmacies and para-pharmacies cannot ship over-the-counter drugs abroad.


General Shipping Info

Shipments will only take place in the countries in the list below and the indicated charges are valid for parcels up to 10 kg weight. In case of higher weight ordersyou will be contacted and informed of the actual shipping cost: In the event that it is not possible to supplement the shipping costs with the requested amount, it will be possible to cancel the order and receive a full refund for the amount paid at no additional charge.

Shipment will take place with GLS courier express service guaranteeing delivery in 4 to 5 days in all listed countries. The shipment tracking is offered by GLS, via an e-mail generated after shipment.

Estimate costs Shipping abroad

Shipping costs follow, for packages up to 10 kgcountry by country.

N.B. Orders with a cart exceeding 100.00€ have free shipping to countries with an asterisk*.

Austria* € 14.90   Belgium* € 14.90
Bulgaria* € 19.90   Cyprus* € 19.90
Croatia* € 19.90   Denmark* € 14.90
Estonia € 24.90   Finland* € 19.90
France* € 14.90   France(Corsica) € 50.00
Germany* € 14.90   Greece € 34.90
Ireland € 24.90   Latvia* € 19.90
Lithuania* € 19.90   Luxembourg* € 14.90
Malta € 34.90   The Netherlands* € 14.90
Poland* € 14.90   Portugal € 24.90
Czech Republic* € 19.90   Romania* € 19.90
Slovakia* € 19.90   Slovenia* € 14.90
Spain* € 14.90   Spain (Balearic Islands) € 39.90
Sweden* € 19.90   Hungary* € 14.90

Customers with shipments destined for CORSICA and the BALEARIC ISLANDS should contact us before making payment to confirm shipping costs.

The Misterfarma Staff